Team O'Farrell Hits the Streets of East Hollywood

Team O’Farrell took to the streets around Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell’s District Office in East Hollywood on Wednesday, picking up trash, trimming trees, and making the area sparkle.

“The Councilmember is committed to improving the quality of life on every level in the District,” said Jeanne Min, Chief of Staff for O’Farrell. “We felt it was especially important to show pride in our community and take care of our immediate surroundings at Hollywood and Western.”


Several staff members obtained a truck and cleaning supplies from General Services and the Office of Community Beautification. They cleaned up the square block surrounding the District Office: Hollywood Blvd., St Andrews Pl, and Carlton Way. The photo above shows a before and after of one of the streets.

“There were sludgy gutters and overgrown trees blocking sidewalks,” said staffer Sylvan De La Cruz. "There were just a lot of neglected spots.”

“I’m glad it was a real cleanup, and after we left you could really see a difference,” said Hollywood Field Deputy Steven Whiddon. “It was nice for residents to come out and be appreciative of the work we did. I really felt like we made a difference.”

Whiddon says he hopes the work inspires others to go out and make a difference in their neighborhoods.

“It’s so much more pleasurable to walk down a street that’s clean as opposed to one that is blighted and littered,” said Whiddon.

PHOTOS: Neighbors Come Out to Support Team O'Farrell Cleanup!

The Councilmember, his staff and community volunteers will be out again in the coming weeks:

-Councilmember in Your Corner - Glassell Park on Sept 28

-Atwater Village Community Cleanup on October 5th

“It's important for us to be responsive to the basic needs of our constituents,” said District Director Marisol Salguero. “The Councilmember is working to make sure the 13th District is the best place to live, work, and play in the City of LA.”

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