Planning Resources

Councilmember O'Farrell believes in providing community stakeholders with the necessary tools in order to make informed decisions about development in their neighborhoods.


The Department of City Planning maintains a database of all the properties within the City called ZIMAS. Website visitors can enter an assessor parcel number or property address and ZIMAS will provide the parcel's zoning information. For more information please visit:

Access Planning and Zoning Information:

Early Notification Report: Find out about all entitlement requests in your neighborhood council area with the bi-weekly LA City Planning Early Notification Report.

To subscribe to the Early Notification Report, follow these steps:
1. Visit the LA Department of City Planning website at:
2. Click the “Meetings and Hearings” tab on the left side of the page.
3. Click the first drop-down item, “Subscribe to Notifications.”
4. Click on the hyper-linked text that reads, “There are special reports not based on geographical planning areas. To subscribe or unsubscribe to these reports click here.”
5. Click “Bi-Weekly Case Filing.”
6. Click “Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the list.”
7. Fill in your email information and follow the registration prompts.

Planning Case Tracking System (PCTS) 

The Planning Case Tracking System provides updated information regarding the status of particular planning cases, including assigned City Planning staffers and hearing dates.

Building Permits

Find out if building permits have been pulled for a given project by searching the address at:

PlanCheck NC:

If you want to continue to learn about planning and land use issues, connect with the PlanCheck NC group. The group is made up of neighborhood council leaders and meets on the second Saturday with City Planning staff to further their planning and zoning education. The next meeting will be December 14 in Boyle Heights:

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