O'Farrell Dedicates New Stairs in Echo Park


Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell joined community members in Echo Park to climb the first set of public stairs built in the City since the 1940s.

The ceremonial cutting of the ribbon --as well as the first stair climb-- took place next to the recently constructed, contemporary-style ARTIS community at 2400 Alessandro Street in Echo Park.

The Councilmember was joined by Elysian-Echo Park Neighborhood Council President Ari Bessendorf, local stair master Dave Ptach, the Echo Park Historical Society, and ARTIS developers.

"This installation will provide improved connectivity to the City's iconic network of urban trails," said O'Farrell. "The designers of the staircase faced many challenges on such a steep slope, and I appreciate the time that went into the work here. This new set of stairs will greatly improve the urban hiking experience in the community."

The neighborhood improvement is one of many achievements for O'Farrell, who worked on the agreement with the developers as district director under then-Council President Eric Garcetti.

"It's great to have  a new public trail in Echo Park," said Bessendorf. "The staircase is well built with a solid design -- the new addition is a real community benefit."

The stairs are open to the public and will lead to a dedicated acre of open space that is planted with native California plants and trees.  Those who make it to the top will enjoy views of the adjacent Silver Lake hills, the San Gabriel mountains, and the Los Angeles River.


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