LGBT Heritage Month: Leaders and Legends

It is an honor and a privilege to join my colleagues, City Controller Ron Galeperin and CouncilmemberMike Bonin, as we host the Fourth Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Heritage Month celebration. The event will take place on May 30 in the John Ferraro Council Chamber at City Hall.

We have a special group of honorees: professional athlete Jason Collins, Rabbi Lisa Edwards, Rabbi Denise Eger, former City Clerk June Lagmay, youth advocate Carlos Sosa, and two women at the forefront of marriage equality, Mignon Moore and Elaine Harley.


As the representative of the 13th District, and a voice for the LGBT community on the City Council, I am thrilled to be able to continue such an important tradition in the City of Los Angeles. I am especially honored to be able to shine the spotlight on my district's rich history of LGBT pride. The late Harry Hay founded the Mattachine Society in Silver Lake in 1950. It was one of the earliest LGBT organizations in the United States. Silver Lake and the Black Cat Tavern is also where the first gay rights movement started on New Years Eve in 1966. Across the street from this historic site was the location of A Different Light bookstore, a cultural hub and social center for the LGBT community.

Since then, Silver Lake and the rest of the 13th District has become a haven for the LGBT community, where we foster diversity and allow creativity to thrive. The 13th District is also a place where organizations and their angels provide essential services to our LGBT youth, and offer resources to support our transgender community.

I am looking forward to joining Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Controller Galperin, Councilmember Bonin, and the rest of our City family as we continue to carry the torch for pride, equality, and freedom of expression in the City of Angels during this special month and beyond.

I hope you can join us. Please see this event invitation for more information, and please RSVP and spread the word.

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