LA Public Library First in Nation to Offer High School Diplomas

The Los Angeles Public Library will be the first library in the nation to offer programs that will grant qualified adults a career certification and an accredited high school diploma on the internet.

Through the Career Online High School (COHS), the library will work with local organizations to offer grants to accepted candidates that will enable them to continue their education. The goal of the program is to prepare the students for postsecondary education, or for entry into the workforce.

High school dropout rates are exceedingly high in Los Angeles. The US Census Bureau indicates that nearly 25% of adult Angelenos lack a high school diploma.

“The population of adults without a high school diploma is as high as 60% in some of the geographic areas served by our library system,” said John Szabo, City Libarian for the Public Library.

The Library hopes to provide a crucial service to the many adult Angelenos who have not completed their secondary education and desire to enter the workforce.

The COHS program will pair students with an academic coach, providing guidance, resources, and performance evaluations. Students are selected through a lottery system from a pool of successful candidates who complete an online pre-requisite course and self-assessment, followed by an in person interview. A limited number of candidates are randomly selected each month.

The program will provide the service at no cost to the students. Enrollment is limited and participation is projected to be high.

More information about the COHS program can be found on the Los Angeles Public Library website at

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell serves on the Education and Neighborhood committee .

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