It is an honor and a privilege, as a member of the Wyandotte Nation, to welcome you to the 2014 American Indian Heritage Month celebration at City Hall. As the representative of the 13th District, a Native American, and a voice for my community on the Los Angeles City Council, I am thrilled to be able to continue such an important tradition in the City of Angels.

I am especially honored to be able to shine the spotlight on the cultures and traditions of the rich Native American community in the Los Angeles area, home to the largest American Indian population in the country. The Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission was created to serve this population through a joint effort of members of the Los Angeles Native American community, and both the City and County of Los Angeles. Since 1976, the organization has worked to promote the development of programs and funding resources to serve urban Native Americans and our organizations, as well as advocate legislation and policy favorable to urban Native Americans.

As we take part in the celebration today, I want to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Tribe for its service to Angelenos and helping make this event possible. I look forward to working with all Native American organizations on some of my top priorities while in office -- easier access to affordable housing, creating even healthier communities for the disadvantaged, and preserving our natural open spaces like the Los Angeles River where this great City was founded.

Enjoy the celebration!

Councilmember, 13th District

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