Hooray for Hollywood! We scored a major win this week.

Thanks to our Governor and state lawmakers, we will soon have added incentives in place that will keep film and television production jobs right where they belong.

The Governor agreed on a deal for AB 1839. The legislation provides $330 million in tax credits annually for the next five years. The amount is triple that of the current tax incentives, and intended to make California more competitive with some 40 states that offer tax breaks to the film industry.

California currently allocates $100 million annually to film and TV productions, less than a quarter of what New York provides, according to the Los Angeles Times. Feature film production has fallen by half since 1996 in LA County, and the region's share of TV pilot production has fallen 73% since its peak in 2007, according to FilmL.A., Inc.

I applaud our Governor and state lawmakers for their diligent work to make sure we keep entertainment jobs where they belong -- in Hollywood and in California.

As a member of the City's ad hoc committee on Film and Television Production Jobs, I am actively pursuing policy that will make it easier for local crews to film in our city.  This is an opportunity for us, and I am eager to see Hollywood's star shine bright once again.

I recently joined my council colleague Tom LaBonge to honor productions made in Hollywood. We have a unique combination of resources available only in Hollywood -- enviable weather, diverse and plentiful landscapes, and of course, extraordinary talent both in front of and behind the camera.

No where else in the world can you find so many resources to make each and every production unique. With all of the skilled labor here, productions can be guaranteed on time and on budget. I am committed to continuing the fight to bring back production to Los Angeles, and in particular episodic and long form programming that employs thousands of workers annually, year after year, season after season.

Folks, we’re getting there. We fought long and hard for this, and I promise to keep fighting at the city level to keep jobs in the City of Angels.


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