Hollywood Tour Bus Summit Provides Info for Operators

HOLLYWOOD – More than two dozen tour bus operators recently met with local and state regulators to discuss public safety along the historic Walk of Fame, and improving quality of life for the local store owners, residents, and visitors.

The meeting was organized by Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell and his staff, and was geared toward highlighting the dos and don’ts of operating tour buses in Hollywood.  

“The meeting was positive and constructive,” said O’Farrell. “There were operators from 26 companies at the meeting, and their attendance demonstrated that they are willing to work with all stakeholders along the Walk of Fame. “

O’Farrell said both he and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce have heard from residents and tourists who complained about their experience on the boulevard.  

“We must raise the standards of tourism in Hollywood so residents and visitors can have a safe, quality experience,” said O’Farrell.  “We will only become a world-class city if we can provide a world-class experience for people who come here.”

Several local and state government agencies took part in the summit: the Los Angeles Police Department, Office of the City Attorney, Department of Transportation, Bureau of Street Services and Office of Finance, as well as the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Highway Patrol.

Each agency provided information on the regulations that it enforces, and what operators must do to comply with those rules. The agencies also notified the attendees that they plan on more consistent and coordinated enforcement.

The Council Office will follow up with the respective departments on further efforts at coordination, as it works to improve the quality of life for all along Hollywood Blvd and throughout the community.


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