Glendale Corridor Gang Injunction

As the representative of the 13th Council District, I have been working closely with City Attorney Mike Feuer on the gang injunction that affects Echo Park- Elysian ValleyHistoric Filipinotown and a portion of Silver Lake.

The Glendale Corridor Injunction covers six competing violent gangs with an estimated active membership of less than 500.

There’s a critical part of this injunction that people need to understand: only a small percentage of members would be served and subject to the heightened restrictions in the injunction.

The City Attorney and I stand together on this issue. The two of us firmly believe that tools like this injunction partnered with meaningful, and comprehensive programs for prevention and intervention are needed in order for Angelenos to continue seeing a significant reduction in serious crimes.

City Attorney Feuer and I are taking positive steps to support collaborative efforts like the LAUSD Safe Passages program, strategic outreach, and investments in our neighborhood infrastructure, while offering “off ramps” to those named in the injunction.

In most cases, injunctions are often considered a last resort. We see this Glendale Corridor Injunction as a hybrid version -- tailored to meet the needs of communities with a long history of graffiti, gunfire and crime.

The City Attorney will ensure that the proposed injunction has a five year sunset clause for the individual members who are served.

This is a smart, thoughtful approach that our community greatly needs and deserves.

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