Dodger Baseball and Echo Park Traffic

My staff and I have been working on a serious issue in our district over the last several weeks: mitigating the significant traffic impacts related to Dodger baseball inElysian Park. The Dodgers have chosen to open the Scott Avenue Gate, which I oppose.

There are some new developments on this issue -- and as a result of my requests at a recent community meeting on the opening of the Scott Avenue Gate, it did not open as planned for this week’s Freeway Series.

I have also just confirmed that the Dodgers management will distribute placards and neighborhood protection information to residents starting on Monday.  If you do not receive a packet, please contact Oscar Delgado with the Dodgers at 323-224-1443.

There are many issues that still need to be resolved, including permit parking for local residents, Changeable Message Boards (CMB’s),  street closure management, and clearly defined routes.  My office is working closely with DOT to develop a Permit Parking District to relieve residential streets affected by the seasonal influx of Dodger traffic.  

Until those issues are completely resolved, it would be irresponsible and premature to open the gate.   Traffic mitigation needs to be firmly in place, and safety concerns need to be fully addressed, before the Dodgers should even consider opening the Scott Avenue Gate. 

As I mentioned, the Dodgers hosted a community meeting this week. I was there, and I want to share some of the suggestions to modernize stadium operations:

  • Opening Stadium Way up to three hours in advance of game time, and providing family activity on stadium property to encourage people to arrive early. Opening any gate regardless of hours in advance should cars queue up and obstruct traffic on City streets.

  • Requiring parking payment upon exit of the stadium, not at entrances, allowing for much faster clearing of public streets both before and after games.

  • A commitment to my office that the Dodger management will close the Scott Avenue Gate after thirty days, if there is not a significant and quantifiable improvement to the impact on the community I will have LAPD and DOT take necessary actions.

  • Explore shuttle options at park and ride locations - for instance, Los Angeles Zoo, Friendship Auditorium, Four Square Church parking lots.  Any of these lots can accommodate hundreds of cars, relieving local streets of fan traffic.

There must be a modern-day solution to the traffic problems caused by fans arriving to the Stadium, without making matters worse for local residents. I promise to continue working on this issue until there is a resolution that my constituents are comfortable with. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to my field deputy Adam Bass at 323-957-4500.

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