Court Grants Permanent Injunction Against Six Rival Gangs in Glendale Corridor

There are new developments to the Glendale Corridor Gang Injunction. On Thursday, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that a court has granted a permanent gang injunction to curb the dangerous criminal activity of six rival gangs located within the Glendale Corridor. [SOURCE]

Enhancing the quality of life for constituents in the 13th District is my top goal. Public safety is at the center of that goal. Gang activity, including tagging, vandalism, and use of firearms traumatize our neighborhoods by threatening, harming, and killing people.

This injunction will give our police department an additional tool to help make our neighborhoods safer. The injunction will motivate individuals involved in gangs --or those tempted to be involved in a gang-- to choose otherwise. The city is more than prepared to lend a helping hand to anyone willing to begin contributing to society rather than engaging in gang activity.

For more information on programs, or off ramps, that are aimed at helping those who want the opportunity to show they are not involved in gangs should see the City Attorney's website. The information is located on the right side of the page under the title Removal Petition From Gang Injunction Enforcement.

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