Coming Soon: Wayfinding Signs Along the LA River

Those who walk or ride their bike along the Los Angeles River will soon have a better sense of direction thanks to Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA).

The Councilmember has directed the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to install new markers --or wayfinding signs-- at numerous points along the River's bike path between Atwater Village and Elysian Valley. The markers identify nearby City streets that end at the banks of the LA River.

"The signage is a significant and critical addition along the scenic Glendale Narrows section of the LA River," said O'Farrrell, who chairs the Arts, Parks, Health, Aging, and Los Angeles River committee. "The signs provide important location details for those who recreate or visit the River, and will make a huge difference for our first responders who answer calls for help along the trail."

The MRCA was responsible for the design, planning, and production of the new signs that will be placed along the Elysian Valley Bikeway. The Councilmember worked with LADOT on the installation.

“The Elysian Valley Bikeway wayfinding signage is a small but significant step in encouraging the community to use the LA River Bikeway," said Brian Baldauf, Project Manager for the Authority. "The signage provides safety by pointing out key access streets and public amenities such as the Zoo, Autry Museum and Riverfront parks.  The MRCA thanks the local Council office and DOT for partnering in the wayfinding signage.”

A total of 30 signs are being installed at corresponding street locations along the River. The installation also includes several signs that show distance to nearest major points of interest.

The signs were produced using Prop 12 funds from the California Natural Resources Agency.

Here's a map which details where the new signs are located.

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