City Council Unanimously Approves Valet Parking Ordinance

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved an ordinance today that will regulate valet parking operators and create a better experience at dining and entertainment districts in the City.

The ordinance requires valet parking operators to file a permit and adhere to a set of guidelines. Some of the guidelines include listing the hours of operation; the location of the parking lot where vehicles will be parked or stored; and the name, location and telephone number of the operator, according to a memo from the City Attorney’s office.

“The Valet Parking Ordinance will greatly enhance the visitor experience in my district, which has some of the top dining and entertainment destinations in the City of Los Angeles,” said Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. “I want to thank my predecessor Eric Garcetti for his work on making the ordinance a reality, my colleague Mitchell Englander for his leadership in Public Safety Committee where the draft ordinance was heard, and the City Attorney for drafting an ordinance that will better protect consumers.”

O’Farrell points out that the ordinance will also alleviate unnecessary street furniture and kiosks that block the sidewalks and contribute to a poor quality experience for pedestrians in Hollywood.

“Community stakeholders in Hollywood also played a vital role in this process,” said O’Farrell. “The input from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Business Improvement District will go far to enhance the experience in every neighborhood throughout the City.”

The program will be monitored by the Los Angeles Police Commission, with road impacts being vetted by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

The ordinance calls for a $314 fee for operators and $70 for attendants.

A link to the City Attorney report and the entire council file can be found here.

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