CITY HALL - The City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that requires notification to demolish buildings older than 45 years old anywhere in Los Angeles, and provides neighbors with an opportunity to know first hand about what is being proposed in their neighborhoods, Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell announced this week.

The new ordinance includes buildings that are more than 45 years old and requires notification of demolition to the abutting property owners and the Council District Office, in addition to posting notice on the property. The notice must be done 30 days prior to issuance of the demolition permit. O'Farrell introduced the original motion.

"This new ordinance will go a long way toward protecting non-designated local landmarks and architectural gems that are significant to the rich history in the 13th District," said O'Farrell. "I want to thank the City Attorney and the Office of Historic Resources for working on this policy that will affect all of Los Angeles."

The goals of the ordinance are to protect historic structures that are non-designated and to empower communities to weigh in before a demolition occurs.

“Too many times, I’ve seen buildings demolished before permits for a new project is even approved,” said O’Farrell. “This results in lifeless, empty lots which can create blight in our neighborhoods.”

The Council action sends the ordinance to the Mayor to sign. The ordinance is expected to become law in January 2015.


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