Councilmember O’Farrell will work to make sure the City truly becomes “no-kill”, with an aggressive approach to spay-neuter programs, leading the way for the City to adopt the 12-step, spay-neuter task force recommendations from 2009. This 16-member panel, made up of animal-welfare experts from across the City, produced thoughtful proposals to make the City more humane. Unfortunately, these initiatives were never adopted.

As Los Angeles City Councilmember, I’ll work closely with—and report to—the animal welfare community on a regular basis to enact policies that make Los Angeles more humane, and I’ll lead the way on an enlightened approach to the care and wellbeing of our domestic-animal and wildlife community.

October 2013

Motion directing City Attorney to draft ordinance that prohibits use of animal traps or snares

Direct City Attorney to draft ordinance prohibiting use of bullhooks in City of Los Angeles (with Koretz)

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