I want to make something clear: it is imperative that we accept nothing less than a business friendly Hollywood. This week I have been focused on making sure the Hollywood Fault Zone Map is accurate and that construction continues at the Target project located on the southwest corner of Sunset Blvd. and Western Ave. Both of these tasks are important to complete and will contribute positively to the quality of life in Hollywood.

Hollywood is open for business and I will continue to be a steadfast advocate to ensure its vitality. We’re restoring the Walk of Fame to its full historic potential, restaurants are bustling, and we are seeing an incredible transformation that is turning Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards into thriving world-class destinations and centers of economic activity. This positive and forward momentum must continue.

Recently, the glare of the media spotlight has shined brightly on the preliminary Hollywood fault zone, creating an unnecessary perception that Hollywood may not be a viable area for growth and investment. The facts are in, and they conclude that Hollywood is indeed a safe and great place to live, work, and play.

Specifically, last Thursday the State Mining and Geology Board concluded that the fault is not where it was indicated on the proposed zoning map. This determination was based on the results of subsurface trenching at four sites in the vicinity of Argyle and Yucca Streets. These results provide certainty for the subject sites, and it is expected that the California Geological Survey's proposed zoning map will be finalized in the coming months. 

This week there has also been active news coverage on the litigation related to the Target shopping complex that is currently under construction in East Hollywood. To that end, I am working with the City Attorney, the Mayor's Office, the Department of Building & Safety, and Target to respond to the Court's orders while balancing the need to keep the project going.

The Target shopping complex represents a significant investment in our local economy and is creating new employment opportunities. The Project will generate approximately 250 permanent full-time and part-time jobs and approximately 850 temporary construction jobs. This in an important project that is providing employment opportunities for local residents and formerly homeless transitional aged youth, as well as increasing the City's tax base. Despite legal challenges it will be completed. We must activate this important intersection, and provide quality shopping and dining options for surrounding neighborhoods. Empty spaces or surface parking lots in the heart of Hollywood can be developed sensitively into neighborhood serving uses.

Folks, we deserve an even better Hollywood. Join me and show your support by sharing this letter with your neighbors. Let the world know that we are fighting for a Hollywood that looks and feels better for everyone, improves the quality of life, and creates jobs for Angelenos.

Join me by sharing this letter. Our Hollywood, and the people who live and work here, deserve better.


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