LA Council Unanimously Approves Ordinance to Ban Inhumane Animal Traps and Snares

City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell issued the following statement today after his council colleagues voted unanimously on an ordinance that bans the practice of using inhumane animal traps and snares by licensed trappers.

“Animals will no longer have to die a slow torturous death because of an outdated, wild west torture implement that can be placed anywhere in Los Angeles,” said Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell. “I want to thank the Department of Animal Services with the assistance of the City Attorney for working on this ordinance that will make the City of Los Angeles more humane when it comes to the treatment of all animals.”

The ordinance bans traps that snare or grip coyotes, bears, foxes and other animals in the city, or any type of trap that maims and causes them to suffer.  These traps are indiscriminate, and often trap domestic dogs, cats, and even birds.

The ordinance also gives the City’s Animal Services department the ability to develop rules and regulations on how humane traps are placed.

Once in effect, commercial trappers will no longer be able to use  traps that grip or snare any part of the animal. The City requires permits for all traps.

O’Farrell is vice chair of the Personnel and Animal Welfare committee.


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